Corporate Area

  • team-123085_960_720Acts constituting partnerships and capital
  • Acts of extraordinary transactions (increases and reductions in capital, issuance and loan repayment obligations, mergers, liquidations transformations)
  • Business address and registered office address correspondence
  • Managerial assistance at the companies
  • Minute drafting for Assembly resolutions, the Council and Board of Auditors
  • Maintaining and updating corporate books
  • Formalities fulfillment, meetings and assemblies, editorial assistance in the preparation of annual balance sheets and periodic
  • Preparation of VAT records and mandatory records
  • Enrollment in the Society of Financial Intermediaries and variations
  • Registration / Change in Organizations: Chamber of Commerce (REC / AA / Representative), VAT, Tax
  • Drafting and assisting in the transfer of shares and participation
  • Trading Company
  • Drawing and drafting contracts of various kinds and their registration
  • Company contracts support
  • Financial assistance
  • Credit management
  • Fiduciary relationships

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