Business Services

  • Business tax, corporate and accounting consulting during ordinary and extraordinary real estate transactions;
  • Due diligence in the field of acquisitions (pre-acquisition due diligence);
  • Assistance and coaching to clients in corporate restructuring operations and extraordinary transactions (merger, demerger, transformation ..);
  • Advice in the purchase, sale, transfer of business or branch business;
  • Consultancy in company set up and assistance in choosing the corporate structure that best corresponds to real needs;
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts;
  • Evaluation of companies;
  • Accountants’ reports and balance sheets;
  • Courses to update staff in the field of property taxation;
  • Assistance in tax litigation;
  • Processing and preparation of financial accounts
  • Drafting the balance sheets, its Annexes and the financial statements;
  • Preparation and electronic submission of tax returns;
  • Tax, corporate and accounting advice;
  • Accounting assistance, also at the Customer’s location;
  • Periodically circulars submission and briefings on key legislative changes;
  • Processing Budget schemes;
  • Preparation of reclassified income statement, balance sheet strength, productivity, profitability and financial indexes.

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